BATO Partner for Asia

The producers BATO Vietnam and BATO Xiamen founded BATO Europa GmbH & Co. KG
together with MACALEA GmbH & Co KG.

BATO Europe is the platform of the producers from Vietnam and China
with their active participation. Direct cooperation and communication
create trust, transparency and effectiveness.

The producers rely on non-agressive cultivation methods and consistently reduce
the usage of pesticides, for example by natural pest control
with beneficial organisms. All producers are Global GAP certified and the
social standards BSCI or GRASP are also fulfilled.
Furthermore, BATO and all service partners are IFS certified.

The product portfolio includes nashis, pomelos, pitahaya, sweet potatoes,
drinking coconuts and ginger.
In doing so, we always rely on innovations regarding varieties and packaging.

+ BATO Europa IFS Broker Certificate

BATO Europa GmbH & Co. KG
Oberhafenstraße 1
20097 Hamburg


BATO Europa GmbH & Co. KG
Niederlassung Chemnitz
Hermann-Pöge-Straße 15
09120 Chemnitz